February 5, 2018
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Work from home as a freelancer: what are the better jobs and how to get hired?

Work from home as a freelancer: what are the better jobs and how to get hired?

As the Internet grows, also the market of online jobs and as everything is more and more digital every day, working through a computer is becoming actually quite normal. That’s why freelancing is so popular these days; there are a whole lot of jobs you can work from home as a freelancer and get really well paid.

Of course, freelancing is no easy task exactly as you need to promote yourself a lot and managing platforms in order to actually find clients. The thing is that tools like allow you to start with a little hiccup as the website joins together both freelancers and employers so getting entrepreneurs can get contacts and clients quickly.

Why working from home is the future?

There’re many complications that traditional work implies that can be solved by working from home; starting with the fact that you don’t need to commute from home to work, you’re saving a lot of efforts and also earning life quality.

The fact you don’t need to spend on gas, put up with traffic, transport fees, and in case of employers, the fact they don’t need to pay for office space or extra hours is really profitable for both parties and it’s the reason why more and more companies hire freelancers for many tasks instead of permanent workers.

On the other side, freelancers also report a better health, better sleep patrons, better family relationships and happiness in general as they can control much more their time and workloads. Also, when you work from home in a freelancing job, you can have clients from all over the world increasing the probabilities of success.

Finally, freelancers report being more productive as they can set the work conditions that better suit them and even choose from working during the day or at night time which is very beneficial for some people, especially those with concentration problems.

Working from home is definitely the future as IA is going to solve more and more process and people are going to be needed for more specific jobs such as writing skills and software development and all the advantages freelancing from home presents to this kind of careers is huge, besides, it saves a lot of money to companies as logistics are practically free (communication via internet is the cheapest way to keep contact with anyone).

The best part is that both the industry and the professional individuals really find the benefit in this way of managing work and it gives an opportunity to people that can’t physically sustain a regular job.

What freelancing jobs are the best for earning money working from home?

Editing and writing

If you are good with letters then you definitely have a place on freelancing jobs as writing on the internet is one of the most requested skills. There’re all kinds of contents that must be written by someone including not only blog articles but social media content , product catalogs, copywriting and even journalism. Even if you’re good at academic essays, there’s a whole category on freelancing website dedicated to academic writing. Also, you can find a freelancing job editing paperwork, books, research, etc. And all you need is your computer, internet connection and the comfort of your home.

Proofreading and resume creation

People who are grammar detectors or are very eager for details can work as proofreaders and all they need to do is receiving the documents via e-mail and concentrating in a comfortable and quiet room to correct paperwork. Also, you can create or correct resumes as many people actually have troubles with making theirs. This job is excellent for earning as a freelancer as you can combine it with another part-time job.


One of the easiest freelancing jobs out there, it requires practically no skills to do this work as the information has to be reproduced exactly as it is written. The only ability needed is typing ability which is very common among the youngest generations used to using computers daily. Most of the times, transcriptions are medical, legal issues and market research.

Virtual assistant

The perfect work for any millennial, this freelancing job consists in working from home to keep all the schedule, appointments, e-mails, etc. for the employee. It’s exactly like a regular assistant with the benefit that they don’t have to leave their house. While virtual assistants can maintain a little bit more distance from bosses, they’re probably going to be requested to work extra-hours as it becomes hard to divide work hours from home hours when all the communication is online.

Customer service

Companies are saving on a lot of office space by hiring freelancers as technical support, call center workers and customer service. All they need is a computer, a headset, and managing the company pertinent information in order to respond to any client’s needs. Most of the time this freelancing job still requires the regular 9-5 work hours.

Online tutor

Earning as a freelancer can be done with almost any skill and tutoring is no exception. Skype and other video platforms have made it possible to tutor from any distance. This is really beneficial for students who can’t afford face tutors or have an education from home for any reason. The best part is that with social networks being so popular among young people, finding clients is really easy

Data entry

As it might seem really dull for some, others can find some catharsis in this kind of automatic jobs. The only requirement besides the computer – that is the most common tool anyone has – is the ability of typing around 60 words a minute and a really good attention to detail. As immersive this job is, people can really take advantage of the control environment of working at home and improving their production skill until big workloads can be done really quick and since data entry jobs usually pay by the amount of production, it’s an excellent way to earn as a freelancer without too much effort needed.

Working from home as a freelancer: how to get hired?

Online presence is first

As this is the digital market, digital presence is really essential and if there’s nothing about you around the web, you have fewer chances of being hired for a freelancer job. Maintaining a professional participation in any social media is important as employers will probably google any candidate before they hire. This means preventing from being too personal on the networks, too political, too obscene or even politically incorrect as online media is very sensitive to these factors.

Digital Presentation card

LinkedIn is without hesitation one of the most important tools for earning as a freelancer. As the platform actually represents authority and good reputation, having a neat profile on this network will tell the employer the freelancer is actually reliable and will give them the opportunity to check on some data, previous work and picture (which must be professional).

This network also has the particularity that profiles can be ranked and employers can share their opinion so it can be really useful as future references.



Keyword friendly resume

Resumes, as we know it, are simply not as important as they were before the internet and social networks arrived; in fact, most of the resumes are never seen by a human being. If the applicant is a starter, the document probably won’t even be taken into consideration and is the charge is more complex, the employer probably would use processing software to compare the resume to all the other applicants.

This is why constructing a functional resume for getting hired on a freelancing job must be keyword friendly so the software can actually find what they’re looking for. For doing this, it’s essential to do some keyword research for the desired job before presenting the resume.

Tips for working from home as a freelancing

  • Make sure you have a specific space for working: if the brain learns that everywhere at home is the office then it will never rest. You’ll turn your home into a place of continuous stress for your nervous system. So, make sure you have a specific space for working and don’t drag work to bed or other spaces.
  • Organize tasks: make sure to divide every task you need to do every day and give them a time to be ready, if you don’t follow a schedule, it would be really easy to lose all day long in doing a few tiny assignments.
  • Get dressed: many people say they find it easier to set the mind for working if they dress as if they were going to the office, so why don’t give it a try? Using casual clothes for telling your system its work time could be surprisingly effective on concentration terms.
  • Make signals for the family: one of the advantages of working from home is having more time for family, but sometimes the line can be crossed and you end up not working at all. Make a signal for kids and spouses so they now when the red is on, you’re too busy, but when it’s green they can come in.
  • Pretend you’re not home: once again a way of brain programming, pretending you’re not home can help your system identify with work hours and concentrate better.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your flexibility: if you chose to start a career as a freelancer is because you know all the benefits; make sure you match all your deadlines and assignments but also remember to schedule your time in a really comfortable way for you that allows you to enjoy life while you earn as a freelancer.

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