May 9, 2018
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What would my earning depend upon if I start working as a freelancer?

When you start working as a freelancer, your aim is to market your skills well to get the work, and work on the projects to earn money. But earning money as a freelancer can be tricky, especially when a lot of freelancers are there. You need to follow the below pointers to be successful as a freelancer and earn good money:

Your Brand

When you work as a freelancer, the most important thing is your brand. You and your work is your brand. If your work speaks, you can earn a lot. You should keep your profile complete and take feedbacks from your clients with whom you work. You can check out the leading profiles here:

Communication skills

As you will majorly be working remotely for freelancing projects, your communication skills play an important role in getting you work from clients.

Skill levels and domain

WordPress is being used a lot these days, so if you can make custom theme sites on WordPress, you can be in great demand. But if you can’t do not worry, you can still get good projects (but the thing is there are a zillion of WordPress developer these days; so it is a little hard to get noticed in the crowd).

Placed Bids

This is very important. Ask what’s genuine. Don’t try to overbid on a project. Best way is to research the average hourly rates of skills. Also, do a thorough read of an employer’s requirement (technical requirement, their past payouts as well as budget) before you place your bid.


You need to select the right platform once you start to work as a freelancer. Since Platform (the freelancing website) will act as a mediator between you and your client to solve any payment related issues, the importance of platform becomes high. You can chose for this reason, as it does provides such mediator services.

Your Presentation skills

You should be apt with your Presentation skills. Since you are working remotely, it is very important to showcase your work to your employer in a presentable way , using excel or PPT. This allows them to track your contribution and release the payments successfully.