April 28, 2018
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The Importance Of Freelancers

The importance of freelancers lies in the fact that they are taking more and more control of the workforce in almost every country of the world. While some years ago it was very common to have an office job and planning on staying there for years, the logic of the internet has changed this to the point that by 2015 a third of U.S population was already working at least part-time as a freelancer.

Of course, these numbers are only growing with time and the fact that digital marketing is, also surpassing any other kind of advertising makes freelancing the only way for companies to afford all the new employees to keep competitive these days.

Surveys and market analysis prove the importance of freelancers in 2018

  • Vodafone: according to this survey in 2016, 6000 out of 8000 companies (including Oracle, Delloite, Hilton, and Amazon) have set up new policies for flexible working hours that allow employees to even work from home
  • Global GDP: the USA in the major contributor to this instance through freelancing with 53 million of freelancers.
  • The second country with the biggest freelancing workforce is India 15 million freelancers.
  • Both countries contribute by 1.4$ million and 400$ million each ANNUALLY to the world economy only with the freelancing workforce.

Freelancers and hirers are actively participating in the new economy and it wouldn’t be crazy to affirm that a fourth work revolution could happen with freelancers as a key piece but, in the meantime, at least being or hiring this kind of workforce will result in stability and logistic saves, at least.

Experts that actually invest in Freelancing platforms agree in the fact that freelancers, by knowing their responsibility in their future, are more likely to be hands-on for improving their positions, be more creative towards challenges and educating themselves better. This way they not only become better citizens and persons in general but also help to boost economy really quick.

5 reasons why freelancing is everyone’s future

  1. There will be more freelancing jobs than traditional jobs.

Numbers don’t lie and they’re also pretty obvious; only in 2016, 55 million people were at least part-time freelancing in the U.S.A. And the number is exponentially growing every day.

Also, companies are admitting the value of hiring freelancers and they’re willing to implement more flexible working hours for their employees in a 60-65%. They’re even choosing freelancers over full-time workers.

This is because with the internet being so important these days, there’re lots of new careers that companies need to keep competitive in the market and on the other hand, freelancers report to be really more productive and creative that full-time workers so, why not freelancers?

Surveys say that by 2020 freelancing will take over the 30% of the global workforce and will surpass traditional workforce forever and that it could even affect the political system as these “no patron” workers are also eager to have a voice.

  1. It’s really convenient for companies

The era of the internet is right here and it not only generates a lot of new careers, it also makes the whole business logic really faster as artificial intelligence is improving almost any service or process made online. This means workers need to be really agile and motivated which certainly doesn’t happen with an 8 hours job.

Also, freelancers are more likely to be connected with what the users need instead of what the company wants and this is the only skill capable of maintaining companies in the market these days, another reason to have motivated employees.

But, on the other hand, there’s a more tangible benefit for companies on hiring freelancers and is the fact that they reduce labor spend by cutting off logistic expenses (office, water, light, medical insurance, etc. for each worker). Finally, a known fact is that full-time workers actually waste half of their time, so a freelancer can cover that 50%, just like Amazon did with their empty cloud storing space.

  1. The impact of the benefits will be seen soon and lead to a freelancing world

Let’s admit it, it’s hard to keep a proactive, multifaceted and nutritive life when being locked down in the same four walls 5 days a week (or more) 8 hours a day (or more). There isn’t much time for studying, learning new skills or keeping upbeat to the latest technologies and trends.

On the contrary, freelancers are paid by production, so they take the most out of their time and also, once they’ve done, the rest of the time is theirs for cultivating themselves or getting other freelancing jobs. Actually, the number of freelancers willing to participate in any kind of work training or technical program doubles the number of full-time workers that do it.

It’s just a matter of asking ourselves if our jobs and the ones of our friends are going to exist in 10 years; the answer could surprise us as we realize, we are not sure if a lot of them will be replaced by IA or freelancers.

But that’s not all as it’s believed that, in the future, freelancers will also count with more options regarding dental or medical insurance or retirement benefits, which are the major disadvantages for freelancers today.

  1. Finding good freelancer workers is really easy thanks to the internet

Google’s first priority these days is being really useful for users so the search engine is actually a really helpful friend to find jobs, as well as all social media but especially Facebook and Linkedin.

But as the demands grow and all the new jobs due to the internet are collapsing the market, technology came to the rescue and it’s very common today to find Freelancing websites which the only purpose is to actually help freelancers and hirers to get closer.

On anyone can initiate a freelancing career very easily as all is needed is to create a free profile and then find the project. Or on the other hand, create a profile as a hirer and find the freelancer you need by selecting one of the lists or by posting your project.

Is actually really easy and there’re lots of platforms like that, being the advantage of that the fees are very affordable, the options are multiple and the payment safety is truly reliable.

So, it won’t be any problem to find the perfect freelancer for a project or find the perfect project for freelancing, it’s all about willing to do it.

  1. This is the Millennials’ moment

Remember how we all made jokes about millennials being useless, and wanting to have it all easy at their jobs, and wanting to earn money from home? Well, the moment is now and the largest and most modern generation is now being able to succeed and get independence thanks to freelancing.

It’s no secret that Millenials want to live in a high speed, and they have accessed technology almost since they were born. They are eager to get really quick results about anything and need novelty and get bored really fast and a lot of other qualities that may be troublesome for face work relationships, but are excellent for managing all the new careers and challenges the internet has brought, and all from the commodity of their homes.

Freelancing concerns

Even though freelancing is the workforce of the future there’re still some concerns that people     facing freelancer careers have to deal with:

  • Insurance: yes, in the future this problem will definitely be solved but, in the meantime, there’re no benefits of this kind for freelancers. Of course, they can get dental and medical insurance by themselves, but it won’t be included in the payment, so they’ll have to take it off their pockets.
  • Contractual protection: as freelancers, one the major risk is being scammed by the client as they promise to pay but after getting the work done, disappears. This happens very seldom but for inexperienced freelancers, it can actually happen.
  • Portable benefits: besides medical insurance, other benefits such as paid leave or retirement savings are also being discussed as freelancers are really vulnerable outside the specific project payment.
  • Unionization: due to all those needs that are still unsatisfied in the field of freelancing, the idea of creating labor unions is gaining weight among freelancers so they can expand their voice toward political and legislative issues.

Final thoughts

As the market and work system evolves and the world becomes more and more connected, the importance of freelancing will be more and more noticed as it will be impossible for regular workers to cover efficiently all the new areas and jobs the internet competition requires.

Also, as the freelancing workforce grows, the evidence of its benefits not only for the company but also for the employee will be obvious: not only it’s more humane as it allows people to have a real life and dispose of their time but it also gives them the opportunity of doing something they really like.

So, if you’re interested in being a freelancer, don’t hesitate as this is the moment. Whether you actually have a service to offer or you’re planning on hiring someone, you can enter any time and start being part of the future!