May 12, 2018
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The best way to manage projects for freelancers?

Whether you`re a freelancer, or not, chance you`ll have to manage multiple projects at once. With several different type of project, they are small or large all these projects requires attention, it can be hard to manage the workload among them all. Managing your schedule effectively can boost your income, increase your efficiency, and reduce stress.

1-Stick to your schedule

As a freelancer, the snooze button is your worst enemy. The alarm rings in the morning and we hit snooze over and over, thinking all the while. The most important thing you can do to stay on the top of your projects is to keep track of your deadlines. But when you`re managing multiple projects, keeping track of deadlines is not enough.  Make sure yourself deadline for each steps of the project along the way, to you ensure you aren`t trying to finish it all the same day a project is due.  Use a milestone app and a to-do list so you`re always up to date, and spend time at the end of the day making a list for all steps were done.

2- Make sure you understand project requirements before getting started, and prioritize them

 Clients will give you a detailed packed with everything you need to know.  Others will send useless emails with no description. But to succeed on a project, you need to have a clear understanding of its goals and limitations before you start.  Don`t forget to ask questions to get more clarifications to understand better the requirements, get them clarified before you commit time to what might be the wrong solution.

After getting enough clarifications for all requirements, you should prioritize your projects. Working on couple project makes the process tougher. When you`re working on multiple projects at once you`ll arrange his time between projects to get everything done on time. You as a freelancer have to prioritize when each step must be completed.  Freelancers should work on projects by due date, whichever works best for your schedule and workload. Just be strategic in your planning to stay ahead.

3- Stay organized

The best part to succeed in your career is to stay organized, don`t waste your time for useless work.  Keep in your mind that, good organization is perfect way to handle any project.

Keeping all your files clearly labeled, split folders for each project, this will make your job easier. Even if it takes time to organize your system, but it will save a lot of time.

Finally, rather than picking couple projects and loosing track on all of them. Freelancers should find the best way to keep track on these entire project.  The first few times you have to balance multiple projects may be tricky, but with practice and a few helpful productivity techniques you can ensure you finish your work on time while maintaining your quality.

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