February 5, 2018
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The best Way To Find Perfect Freelancers For Your Projects

Freelancing websites: the best way to find perfect freelancers for your projects

Working as a freelancer today is at the same time one of the best ways to undertake your own business and, one of the hardest ways to work. Why is that? Because, as you own your business and have all the earnings for you and you get to determine the terms of any project, etc. You’ll also have to manage all the aspects surrounding the job, meaning dealing with clients, platforms, details, payment methods and promoting yourself for getting projects all at once.

In this matter, working as a freelancer definitely requires a lot of work, commitment, sacrifice, and discipline, but if you manage to get all those in line, the results are very gratifying as you’ll keep your own business and improve your entrepreneur condition and life quality.

For helping you understand better the world of freelancing, and find perfect freelancers for your projects or the perfect projects for your freelancing career, we’ll talk a bit about how it works and recommend you the perfect website for starting your career or project.

Working as a freelancer

As we said before, working as a freelancer requires you to manage a lot of factors and actually getting jobs is probably the hardest one; how do you know where or whom to offer your services out the vast sea of people in the world? Well, this is a difficulty that has been experienced by freelancers for so long that there’s now a tool to help make that job easier.

Freelancing websites are the easiest way to put you on track with clients, since they offer the possibility of both submitting as freelancer and hiring freelancers. This mean that this platforms work both ways and are very useful for any freelancing project you have in mind, whether it is something you do or something you need done.

Besides, these platforms offer easiness to depict the terms of the services including reliable methods such as Invoice, PayPal or sometimes Bit coins. This is great because you can actually work from anywhere in the world without concerning about how you’re going to claim the price of your work.

On the other hand, if you’re really new at this, it will be harder to find clients that trust you and choose you for their jobs (let’s remember there’re tons of other freelancers available and sometimes clients rather pay more for a “popular” freelancer than less for a new one they don’t trust). If this is the case, it will be really hard to get your first job if you only post yourself and wait, but, thanks to these websites you have access to an option for proving yourself to the available clients. Freelancing websites postulate “freelancing projects” and you can offer yourself for the job.

Our recommendation is that you start by postulating to as many jobs as you can until you hit the right client; once you’ve done some projects, your rank inside the website will level up and then clients will start coming up to you instead of you having to chase them out.

Freelancing Projects

As a Freelancer

Freelancing Projects can be of any kind: website development, writing, translating, design, painting, construction and a lot of other categories. Most of the freelancer websites give you the opportunity to choose many categories so you can apply for different jobs according to your abilities.

In this matter, some websites are very specific about the category and others are more generic; you can find a website which will divide “blog writer” from “SEO writer” and others will just list it as “article writer” and include both.

This is important because you need to be precise about what you CAN and CAN’T do in order to avoid misunderstands that could lead to bad comments and opinions (let’s remember freelancers work with their reputation). Also, being sincere and clear-cut about the abilities you have, will improve your credibility.

Also, as we mentioned, this gives the new freelancer the opportunity to prove themselves and maybe even work with a more experienced freelancer that can give you new knowledge and advice and also reliability as you’re capable to work at the height of a project that includes serious and acknowledge freelancers.

For Hiring a Freelancer

Freelancing websites are some kind of social networks where people who believe in individual work and entrepreneurship can join together. This means that not only those who are looking to be hired have a place on this platforms, but also those who have a project and need the hands for it to be done.

How does it work? Well really easy actually and with two practical options:

  • Hiring a freelancer directly: if you’re looking for an specific and simple project such as “writing an article for your blog” you can easily go to the search bar and type some categories such as “blog writing”, “article writing”, “SEO writing”, “Ghostwriting” and you’ll find tons of available freelancers that may or may not accept your offer. Of course, most popular freelancers will not only charge a lot more for the job but also have the power to choose if the project is worth it. This may sound petulant but we all determine the value of our work and, as you wouldn’t hire anyone, maybe they won’t accept any job. But worry not, as you actually DON’T need to hire the most expensive freelancer out there, all you need to do is finding a person that matches your needs and is affordable for you. The best part of these platforms is that you can check on previous work and portfolio and also read comments so, even when you don’t know the freelancer, you won’t be hiring at the blind.
  • Postulating a project: if your project is more complex or you just don’t want to look for the freelancer one by one, then you have the opportunity to post a freelancing project and start a push for it. In this matter, you can determine the price and conditions of the work and then wait for people to join the push. The disadvantage of this method is that you can’t control whether or not people are interested in it, so it may take a little bit longer. Also, this option is very attractive for new freelancers so it’s recommendable to check on any prospect’s profile before actually hiring.

Freelancer websites: Find the perfect Freelancer for your project with Taskitoo

Once you’ve determined whether you want to hire a freelancer or want to work as a freelancer, the next step is to actually subscribe to one of these websites. But, which is the perfect website to begin your career? Well as there’re several good options, today we want to recommend a specific website that is very comprehensive and easy to use. We’re talking about Taskitoo.

How does Taskitoo work?

Really easy and friendly to use, this website is the place for finding the perfect freelancer for your project; as soon as you enter the web, the option of “freelancer” and “employer” are available in plain sight.

As a freelancer, you can find projects that suit you and as an employer, you can whether search for freelancers or post a project. Of course, it’s necessary to subscribe first in order to access the platform and enter the database so you can receive reviews, opinions, ranks and manage the payments and deadlines.

Payment method

Taskitoo works with an Invoice service that allows freelancers to issue invoices and also allow Employers to do payments. These payments can also be transferred for PayPal payment with no extra fee, always it’s done from an automated clearinghouse.

Also, it’s important for the freelancer to know that all the funds will be owned by the company until the completion of the project and they will only be transferred to the Freelancers if they are attached to all the terms and conditions depicted on the website.

Subscription and fees

For accessing the website you need to be at least 18 and be able to form legally binding contracts. Also, there’re different membership conditions options that allow you to register as an employer or freelancer and also implicate different bids. What are these bids for? You need them to apply to different projects and once you’re done, you can choose whether to buy extra bids or wait until the next month according to your membership plan. For that matter, the fees are:

  • Creating an account or membership fee: this part is completely free.
  • Service fees: one or more of these can be deducted from Taskitoo:
  • Project fee: taskitoo charges every freelancer a 10% of the total project budget.
  • Employer payment handling fee: for handling the payment issue, every employer is charged a 2,5% on the invoice total.
  • Freelancer Transfer Method Fee: when funds are to be disbursed via PayPal, Transfers made through use of automated clearinghouse, PayPal methods will incur no such fee

Final Recommendations

If you’re willing to start a career as a freelancer, is one of the best options you can find out there; with a solid platform and a reliable legal policy, you can achieve the projects you are dreaming of or building a great reputation as a freelancer.

And one of the best parts of this platform is that you can actually keep contact between employer and freelancer for free and in real time thanks to the chat addon included on the website for free.

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to specify every little aspect of the job so you won’t have disappointments or misunderstandings during your experience and, in case you find some trouble, DON’T WORRY! You can go directly to them from their contact section and they will gladly help you solve any dispute, according to the terms and policies.