February 5, 2018
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Pros And Cons Of Working As A Freelancer And The Most Successful Freelancing Careers

Pros and cons of working as a freelancer and the most successful freelancing careers

Freelancing is as a trend that has come to stay in the online world. Every day there are more and more people with all kinds of skills finding freelancing jobs around the world and the market is so demanded that there’re now all kinds of platforms for postulating yourself as a worker or to find the perfect freelancer for your projects.

These platforms are nothing else that freelancing websites, that allow all the people who’s looking for jobs and all the people with projects to join together and organize their abilities and tasks in order to satisfy their needs easily and create a community. is one of the easiest platforms in the market as you can find any freelancing job or project you want with tons of very specific categories to find exactly what you need. At the same time, you can postulate for both working and hire at and all you have to do is subscribe.

The best part is that you can create your profile for free and start finding freelancing jobs right away; you will soon find some regular clients that will bring ranking and therefore more clients, voilà! Your freelancing career!

But as anything in the world, freelancing has its pros and its cons and you need to be quite sure that this is for you before you adventure into it as it needs a lot of work and effort to succeed.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelancing


  • Easy and quick to start: if you already have a skill and want to start any moment, you can access your network or your friend’s and depending on the job, you can find a client as soon as today. Of course, it’s important to build profiles and check on freelancing websites to actually make a career out of it, but starting and finding your very first client can be done even without them.
  • Low initial investment: actually finding a freelancing job is very affordable as you can start with free tools and start investing in expanding when you hook your first clients. Also, you probably already own the equipment for doing it, for example, a computer or laptop for writing articles so any investment you make is in order to improve your freelancer situation.
  • Highly demanded: as we said at the beginning of this post, freelancing is here to stay; even though there’s a lot of competition, companies have discovered that sometimes it’s more convenient to hire freelancers instead of permanent staff so the demand is really high and if you work is top quality, sooner or later you’ll be finding your regular clients and projects.
  • Sleep and breaks are on you: if you’re the kind of person without a regular sleeping routine, freelancing can suit you right well as you can create your own schedule and decide when you want to work. As long as you match the deadlines, when to work is on you.
  • Flexibility: freelancing can be quite flexible as you can actually take your work with you anywhere and program your work time. So, in case you have a commitment, emergency or don’t feel like working at all, you don’t need to respond to a fixed schedule. But time is not the only thing you can control; when you are an established freelancer, you can choose whether or not to pick a job or hire a client, what’s the price of your work and even reduce or increase your workload. Also, you can organize your time so you can share time with your family.
  • Privacy: if you’re one those who need privacy for thinking and creating, freelancing is perfect for you as you can lock down in your bedroom or study and be alone until you finish your job.
  • Freelancing websites: working as a freelancer these days is really easier as you can create profiles and basically find jobs immediately as you can promote yourself and also postulate yourself in other’s projects. These tools save a lot of work on contacts and also manage reliable payment systems so you can assure your payment protection, works with a very safe payment policy that you could really find attractive.
  • Work relationship: as a freelancer, your condition is a little bit more horizontal than in a salaried job as the clients need you as much as you need them. OF course, this also depends on how many clients you have but it’s up to you to decide the kind and frequency of the contact between parties and the treatment you want to receive. If you don’t feel comfortable with a client you can simply dismiss them and find some new ones. Of course, you should set the limits well or you’ll end up doomed to the e-mail inbox being bullied by the client at any hour or day.
  • Cut on some expenses: when we go to work somewhere else, there’re lots of little expenses that can accumulate such as transport fees, some snack or maybe breakfast, coffee you buy. When you work at home, you have all that already and don’t need to extra buy it and of course, there’ll be no fees for transporting as you’re going nowhere.


  • Benefits: maybe the biggest disadvantage of freelancing jobs is that you don’t get benefits such as health insurance, paid vacations, food bonus, etc. When it comes to all those regular benefits, you’re on your own and it comes out of your own pocket if you want to hire any insurance.
  • Payment: if you’re freelancing all by yourself and contacting directly with clients with no platform involved, you need to be really careful about client reliability and payment issues. But not only being scam is a risk; sometimes payments are not on time or the client tries to low the price at the last minute or maybe sometimes there’ll be no jobs for some time. Nevertheless, if you register on a freelancing website such as, you’ll find out these platforms usually have safe payment policies and methods to protect your interests.
  • Instability: clients are unstable and yes, you may have some regular clients that have all along loved your job but they can suddenly disagree on you with anything or find someone cheaper, and go away forever without a word.
  • Separating job from home: sometimes the fact of working at home alienates us so much we are every moment that we are at home, answering e-mails or checking corrections, etc.

What are the most successful freelancing careers?

If you’re interested in starting a freelancing career, you better check this list to find out what are the best-paid careers and see if you have what it takes!

Web design

One of the most popular freelancing jobs, web designers have been working as freelancers for years, which make them like some kind of freelancing pioneers. But, though there’s a huge range of jobs In this area, the market is also really flooded. The good news is that If you find a local community or niche where you can continuously offer your services and work along with other designers.

Software development

Programming to this level is actually REALLY hard, or at least it is if you want to develop high quality and functional apps, games, software, etc. This is probably why this career is so well paid (if not the best) in the freelancing world. And the best part is that this job is often paid by the hour instead of workload, so it turns out to be very profitable if you are good at it.

Content and article writing

SEO is definitely another trend that is here to stay (and evolve a lot, but stay) so, while Google gives more value to those websites that include high-quality content and value-added, content and article writing will be one of the most demanded freelancing jobs. Of course, there’re some specific kinds of writing that actually work for this so it depends on whether or not you’re capable of catching it or adapting to it.

Multimedia artists

As the world of internet demands more and more interactive content every day, people who are skilled in video editing, graphic design, infographic design and the likes are one of the most demanded nowadays. It’s even common that some bloggers or websites hire a freelancer as permanent for creating all their multimedia content.


Speaking more than one language is a great virtue and as people is more and more connected thanks to the internet; they’re in the need of also communicating accurately. But, not everybody is good at learning languages, and besides it can take a lot of time to do it; and that without counting with the hundreds of existing languages. So, if you speak more than one language, you can successfully start a freelancing career very soon.

Social Media Managers

Words are unnecessary, we are all living in the digital era with social networks and search engines and SEO and websites and smart devices all over, all the time. So, why social media managers are one of the most demanded and well-paid freelancing jobs is no secret.

Occupational therapist

Funny as it sounds, the world of freelancing includes a lot of muscular, cord and bone injuries as most of the freelancers work with their hands in repetitive or meticulous movements. Occupational therapist is excellent for helping workers get better from these kinds of injuries so, they also have a really special place on the freelancing world (but of course they also attend regular patients whether or not they’re freelancers)