May 11, 2018
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How To Find The Best Freelancer

How to select the right freelancer

Before we dive into how to select the right freelancers for your project, it`s important that we first what a freelancer is , and how he must function when he will be working for you and for your business.  A freelancer is a self-employed, skilled professional who offers a specific service he/she is professional on a contract basis for example: SEO, digital marketing, web developers, designers, etc.

1-      Hire Experts.

 Don`t feel shy, ask the prospective freelancer:  “Is this role your specialty?”

Make sure your prospect freelancer has the required experience for the job you are asking for. For example I`ve excelled as a SEO, I`ve been asked to do freelance jobs where second focus. I rejected to work on most of them. But there have been cases when the pays are really high, I went forward with the process, I felt that I am not enjoying the work. It was a waste of time and money for both parties, so hire experts. If you need web developers, make sure your prospect has an appetite for HTML, CSS.

2-      Visit niche communities

Visit niche websites, such as Quora, and look for people who are active in the community, try to find their email address and reach out. Before your email them, make sure you have a clear idea of: The requirement and the goals for your project, timeline, and budget range.

3-      Social media

Social media platform (LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook searches) can be a great resource for finding prospective freelancers. Plus it lets you scope out the freelancers profiles and blogs before you contact them.

4-      Brainstorm and search:

One of the main questions is: Where can I find the type of freelancer that I am looking for?

Basically it depends for what you`re looking for, this must be easy if you are looking for marketer or content writer. You just have to go for the blogs, and find the best freelancers email address; and email them.

5-      Find the right platform to post your job and people to ask.

Figuring out the best place to ask and to find the better freelancer will help a lot in saving time. Taskitoo`s mission is to provide a port in which employers and freelancers connect in the most convenient and least time consuming way-possible-through the click of button. Taskitoo is looking to provide the ease for both the employers and the employee to find the best candidate for the task in-hand. Furthermore, Taskitoo provides an opportunity for freelancers to find project that match their skills and expertise. Taskitoo provides a service in which employers can post their project online and wait for bids from freelancers to come in and then the employee can choose which freelancer seems to be most fitting. Then employer will assign the freelancer to start on the project with all the requirements.


Finally, think out the box, and utilize a platform that has the most vetted freelance experts.