May 10, 2018
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How to be an effective and successful freelancer?

People have misconception about freelancing. One of the biggest misconception about freelancing is that it`s home based job where jobs comes to you. While in reality is you have to fight for it, and fight hard to get the jobs.

Today, I will answer one of the most frequent questions” What is your advice for becoming a professional freelancer? Regardless of your point of experience: graphic design, web development, content writer, SEO, social media marketer etc.   I will be providing couple tips that hopefully improve your current business process.

First, you as a freelancer you have to find your brand. The reason is that as a freelancer, you are your brand. In different words, whenever freelancers are trying to sell their services, they are actually selling themselves.  Now, how can freelancers build their personal brand?  Asking and answering question is the easiest way to get people involved in what you do. The first key of success is to build your network. Don`t forget to ask customers who got satisfied with your service to write a review. This will make your job easier for the coming projects.

Second, you as a freelancer should have a contract on every project. As a start, you need for the time being is a general agreement that covers points that both you and your client agree upon such as: The client information stays confidential, your payments etc. Having a basic term in the agreement for every project will help you to protect you and your work, and will help the client of how you work.

Third, create examples of what you can deliver, one of the best ways to show you`re professional in the service you`re providing, is by publishing new content, images, or videos that will target clients will be happy with. Based on my experience, I don`t believe that there is a better way to sell your service, than to show your clients that you can create what they need. For example, if you are a web designer, your portfolio site should be very professional since everything about it, is a representation of what you`ll be able to do for your writer. If you`re a writer, then blogs have to speak about great quality you can provide etc.

Fourth, to be an efficient freelance you have to be transparent with your clients. As a freelancer, you will be leading the business inside out. That`s something should make you proud of yourself. From a client perspective, hiring you for a certain service, I would like to know is paying my money for.  Being transparent isn`t a weakness, it will definitely help to build trust and confidence with your client.

As a result, these are only couple tips to succeed as a freelancer. But, there is no one solution, there is no one path. Your understanding how the pieces fit together is what will guarantee your results.