May 11, 2018
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How does freelancer can build trust with customers?

Freelancing market is on the rise, all of freelancers want to benefit from being them owns boss, including flexible, remote work. But one of the main points we should highlight is how to be effectively build trust with your clients? since trust is the main influencing factor to build a great relation which allows for a great communication, collaboration and respect between two parties of the agreement.

Starting with work samples, your previous work will speak about the quality of how do you perform. Even more important of showing your quality of work is to show your skills for example: time management skill which will provide a feedback for the clients that you finish project on time, good communicator skill by sending the report at the end of each day which is an indicator that you`re a got a good communication skill.

Second, Communication is key. Communication plays a foundation role in the development of any healthy relationship, and it also servers to bridge the gap between people with misunderstanding. Communication play a critical role in all phases of interpersonal relations, from the beginning till the end of any project. You and your client need to come to an agreement as to how you`re going to communicate throughout the engagement such as: Skype, phone, social media etc. and use them to schedule appointment to discuss project requirements, payment processing, time scales, etc.

Third, always say the truth. We all believe that being honest isn`t always easy. Without honesty there is no foundation for a lasting or enjoyable relationship in any context. Believe it or not, the best relationships are the ones with honesty. It may mean difficult talks and awkward confrontations, but being honest also means better relationships with others and yourself.

Last but not least, building trust with clients by meeting deadlines and communicating when you`re behind. Trust me, it`s scary to inform your clients that you`re not going to meet a deadline. Give them heads up with a plan B to present it to get to the desired results. By presenting a solution upfront, you are adding more credibility and trust to your relationship.

Finally, you`ve picked the life of a freelancer to be your own business. It`s your responsibilities to communicate clearly and consistently with your clients in-order to build long-lasting relationships. Taskito profile a great communication tools once the project is assigned : Skype call, video call, and chat system .

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  1. Moh Ghaith

    Great article with great content !

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    • Moh Ghaith

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  3. Jack

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    • Moh Ghaith

      jack , it depends on the person. Some people feel that they are really tired from working on daily basis , sitting next to their desks ! Trust me once you get this feeling, you won`t care about the security. The only thing you will do care about is how to survive with less pain! jack, check the latest statistics and you will see that freelancing marketing is on high demand ! Don`t forget to sign up @