May 30, 2018
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How do I earn more on

One of the major aim of any freelancer , apart from constantly upgrading their skills and areas of expertise, is to improve their earnings too. Like if you were earning let’s say around USD 500 till the last month, you wouldn’t mind increasing your earnings to USD 700 next month or even more. To earn more you must strengthen your skills, learn more and upgrade your skills continously wherever possible so that you get a better profile strength and have wider profile views on platform.

A few points which must be considered are-

  1. You must consider strengthening your skills and make a better impact on the peers.
  2. Setup your profile in a structured manner on
  3. You may also try Linkedin and setup a strong profile there, Linkedin Profile will help you make an impact on what you do and will also help you gain more and more projects.
  4. Learning more skills will help you widen your visibility on different platforms, so as you can earn more freelancing projects and deliver them with ease.

Few point that you must remember while working on freelancing projects are-

  • You must complete your work on time. Try to send reports of your work to your employer on a regular basis.
  • Make a good relation with the peers with whom you work. Always remember it is much easier to earn more money from the same employer, by gaining their confidence than to look for a new employer.
  • If you can complete the project or push to your maximum limit and complete the project then only take it else do not take the project in hand. In other words, be honest to yourself.
  • All the work ethics must be followed by you to make your work possible.


Now a few points on, How can you increase your earnings while working as a freelancer?

  • Try to seek good projects from as mentioned above. A good project is one which has greenfield implementation, as it comes with more challenges, and client will be willing to pay you more, against a project which is short , or just requires some cosmetic work to be done, where the employer would be looking to get it done on low rates from any freelancer.
  • Always try to take a feedback from your employer. Consider the good feedback as a product’s rating which will directly convert into better sales. In this context, a good feedback from your client can land you more work.
  • As mentioned above also, try to retain a client for a long time. Your good relationship with your client can land you their other good projects too, and you can request them to increase your compensation accordingly on the basis of your performance.


At last you have to create a brand value of yourself and push your limit to work hard. You will succeed as a Freelancer only if you follow the work ethics and make sure that the client is happy.