May 10, 2018
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Do you know how important is blog for your SEO process?

Do you know how important is blog for your SEO process? Believe it or no, it`s very important that search engine doesn`t implement your optimization without a solid content.  We all think a blog isn`t important for all business, but it is. In this article, we will cover the importance of blogs for seo process.

Whether you update you blog every week or every day, you`re contributing fresh content that for sure google will like it.  A blog will help your website stay relevant and rank higher.  Search Engines like (google, yahoo, Bing) like to see the newest and most relevant content.  Those keywords rich blog posts will show up and in turn, will driver better traffic to your website. Moreover, when your content is great, when it delivers value, when people find what they are looking for, they tend to engage with your content through social media, google searches, and other social networking websites.  On other words, Search Engines love fresh, unique content.  That`s why you must keep a steady blog with new information every week. Customers use to find companies just like yours will pull the freshest and most relevant content whenever a search is performed.

More blogs, will lead for more pages you have on your website that are relevant to your website, the more likely you will rank for search terms related to your business.  Believe it or no, each blog page is one more opportunity to rank higher on search. In Taskitoo, we make sure our website is updated every week, no but every day. We believe that each blog entry will give us opportunity to use SEO keywords in our content. By performing Keyword research, finding the keywords and phrases that searches looking for our freelancing platform.

Another importance of blog, people like to share blog posts on their social media pages. More people are going to share a relevant post over our page. Think about your target audience and write about things they do care about. Google will return results for social media. We believe that linking Taskitoo for our social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) can offer us another opportunity to be found by search engines that are looking for freelancing platform which definitely helps to expose our business to a new audience that may not know us yet.

Last but not least, it helps drive traffic to your website. Rather than paying for traffic by placing tons of paid ads, which is expensive, or by paying for traffic by buying email list, and just waiting for people to open and click through on the emails. For Taskitoo, every time we write a blog post, it`s one more indexed on our website, which means it`s one more opportunity for us to show up in search engines and drive traffic for our website in organic searches. Moreover, each post is a new opportunity to generate lead.

Finally, if you don`t have a blog. You must have one! Target as much as keywords so you can increase your rankings.

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