About Us

Taskitoo is a digital freelancer business.

Taskitoo’s mission is to provide a port in which employers and freelancers connect in the most convenient and least time consuming way possible – through the click of a button. Taskitoo is looking to provide ease for both the employer and the employee and for employers to find the best candidate for the task in-hand.

Furthermore, Takitoo provides an opportunity for freelancers to find projects that match their skills and expertise. Taskitoo provides a services in which employers can post their project and wait for bids from freelancers to come in and then the employee can choose which freelancer seems to be most fitting. Then the employer will assign the freelancer to start on the project with all the requirements. Taskitoo goal is to be the bridge of communication between the employee and the freelancer in a convenient, hassle-free way. We are looking to provide the utmost satisfaction for both the employer and the freelancer.

Most Frequently Asked Questions: 

By employers: 

Q: I registered for Taskitoo, why can`t I add a project or bid?
A:  After registering in Taskitoo, you must first add all your personal information in your profile. Then upon doing so you can begin placing projects and/or bids.

Q: As an employer, what will this cost me?
A: Employers usually pay 2.75%. The profit for Taskitoo will be calculated accordingly (depending on the project). This will be deducted from the freelancer.

Q: I registered for Taskitoo and I added a project, but it`s not showing yet. Why?
A: After posting a project, the Taskitoo Team will review your requirements, to make sure it matches with website rules. After approving the project, you will receive an email that your project is approved. Upon approval, freelancers will then can view it on the main page.

Q: How can I choose between the freelancers who made a bid on my project?
A: You can review freelancers’ profiles to check their profiles reviews about jobs that they have completed before.

Q: What`s the minimum budget for a project:
A:  It must be a minimal of $10.

Q: What payment system does Taskitoo use?
A: Taskitoo accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

Q: Can I edit my project after posting it?
A: For sure, you can edit before you get any offer.

Q: Can I make my project private so that only the freelancer I hire can view it?
A: Sorry we don`t have this feature.

Q: I found a freelancer that I like, can I choose that person to work on my project?
A: Yes. First, you would have to click on the freelancer’s profile and assign it to him/her. You can also provide this project to another freelancer in case the picked freelancer doesn’t want to work on.

Q: Can I delete a project I created?
A:  Yes, you can do that if you didn’t assign it to any of the freelancers.

Note that you can delete only 3 projects every 30 days. If you assigned this project for some, you can delete the project based on what was agreed upon between the employer and freelancer.

Q: Why did my project get rejected?
A: If your project has gotten rejected, you should have received an email from us explaining why. to change the requirements of your project before we can accept it again. You must edit the project then send it back for a review rather than sending a new project.

Q: How many projects can I add at the same time?
A: Currently you can add the following number of project in 30 days:

  • 3 closed project — these are projects that you closed before you select freelancer.
  • 5 rejected project – these are projects that were deleted by the employer after creating these projects.

Q: I picked a freelancer, but I wasn’t able to hire him. Why?
A: You won`t be able to hire or assign your project unless you have balance in your account.

Q: How can I communicate with the freelancer?
A: You can assign a freelancer through a click on freelancer profile to assign project for.

Q: Can I assign my project to more than one freelancer?
A: Yes, you can. However, you will have to communicate with them separately.

Q: When do you think my project will close automatically?
A: It will close after 15 days of the approval day, but you can still communicate with freelancers and assign them this project for as long as 45 days after the approval day.

Q: Can I change the budget for my project?
A: Yes, you can change the budget once you come to an agreement with the selected freelancer on the new budget. After sending a request to the freelancer to increase the budget from his/her account, the employee will get a notification about the new budget, then the employer can either select or decline the change in budget.

By freelancers:

Q: How much of the percentage is owned by the freelancer?
A:  The profit from Taskitoo will be deducted from the freelancer, not from the owner of the project.

Q: Which account will the Taskitoo profit be deducted from?
A: Taskitoo`s profit will be deducted from the freelancer.

Q: When can I transfer my money from Taskitoo to my bank account?
A: You can ask for your profit from the invoice you get from Taskitoo once the project is completed.

Q: Can I make a bid on all the projects processed on Taskitoo?
A: You can bid on any of the projects you have experience in.

Q: Can I communicate with the owner of the project that I made a bid on?
A: The owner of the project can only communicate with you, then you can respond back to him, rather than you can start the conversation.

Q: I applied for a couple of projects, how can I monitor these projects?
A: You can monitor them from “My-bids”.

Disclaimer: Taskitoo is a part of IDEA TECH.