April 28, 2018
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7 most popular services offered by freelancers: find the freelancer job for you!

When deciding to start a career as a freelancer, there will probably a lot of skills you could whether learn or already know that can get you money and the possibility of a future. Nevertheless, competence change every day as new tools and technologies are developed and some markets get more or less trendy. Also, the popularity of certain platforms can also affect the careers that are more demanded or offered in the freelancer world.

Some careers are still hard for beginners to understand or even contemplate as a possibility, especially those ones that are related to virtual assisting which are still difficult to classify. But the great advantage of these careers that are still gaining strength is that anyone can take advantage of them as a way of expanding your services or even discover your true vocation was in another field.

Whatever is the case, this 2018 is already bringing a lot of growing for freelancers and some career start to highlight in front of others. So as a freelancer platform, we worry about people who want to start but don’t understand how. That’s why in we’d made this list of the 7 most popular service offered by freelancers so you can find the one for you! One or more of these careers can really help you to start or diversify your freelancer business and increase your incoming in this coming year!

Video Assistant

The video is the king of content. This has always been the truth, only that managing video these days is really easier than it was 10-15 years ago so the growth in social media and even individual marketing has everything to do with video today. Not in vain lots of social networks are specially directed to this kind of content such as Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat and all the features every platform is adding to match the video content competition (Facebook, Whatsapp, even Twitter and Blog platforms), this without mentioning that Youtube’s popularity for marketing is growing faster than anything.

But even though this task is considerably more achievable these days, video still has its particularities and actually knowing how to produce and edit a video is not something everyone can do. So, everyone wants to stay trend on their websites and social media but not everybody can actually make professional quality videos so this lead to them needing your skills to actually fulfill that purpose.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a field freelancer, as you don’t really have to participate in the making process, you can easily work from home as a video assistant by editing and other post-production duties or on the contrary you can perform as pre-production assistant by calling and coordinating actors, writing scripts, managing interviews or audio, etc. Lastly, if your skills are not so related to the video making, you can also offer the service of making them SEO friendly and upload them correctly to the networks, especially YouTube.

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Analytics expert

Every day, the tools used for measuring data are more and more sophisticated. This means that not everyone can actually translate the data those tools recollect and actually making it something useful.

If you can actually handle a bunch of numbers and graphics and “see the pattern”, then don’t hesitate on offering your service for this topic. Why? Analytics are the basis for understanding everything in the internet marketing world; SEO, AdWords campaigns, social media campaigns, organic traffic, etc. Everything that can give course to an advertising action and lets us know if it worked is known thanks to the analytics.

This gives Analytics Expert a really important position among companies and, of course, and of course this translates into good earnings. Besides, people who are interested actually can learn how to read analytics thanks to Google classes and YouTube channels and the investment will be low. That’s why Analytics expert is one of the most popular freelancer services but also, it’s hard to find very specialized candidates, because of what we mentioned before: tools evolve every day. If analytics is your thing, then don’t doubt anymore and come find the freelancer job for you at!

Project Manager

This is another one of the positions that have become popular among freelancers because of the excellent paychecks and the kind of skills it requires. Unlike technical skills that need years of academic study, the project management has more to do with the inherent skills some people have or can develop; incredible organization skills, charisma or leadership, team-work skills, multitasking, negotiation skills and great communication.

The difficulty is that “a project” can be anything from a party to a complete advertising campaign for a company’s social media or a blogger. The most important part is that people are ready to get involved with different and isolated projects at a time.

The principal reason why this career is so popular is that you can actually diversify the services a lot and include yourself in the complete process of formation of a project but playing different roles:

  • Setting deadlines and timelines.
  • Subcontractor’s management.
  • Quality and deadlines supervisor.
  • Projects accountancy or record.

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Social Media Manager

Social networks are here to stay, actually, they just keep popping out of nowhere, and all work differently for different businesses. And every single company big or small needs to be present on social media to be actually competitive these days. So, for every business existent, there are a social media needed. This explains why it is so popular but that’s not it.

Social media management can be easily done from home and learning is also a matter of time a dedication more than a matter of intelligence or technical knowledge. Of course, it has a technical part but it can be learned on the run and many people actually know them from managing their own social networks. But the people who actually don’t know or have to coordinate all the other stuff any business has to deal with, maybe don’t have the time it’s required to understand how every social network work.

A person who knows how to catalog each company for each social network definitely can earn a lot in this branch. Besides, social media management includes a bunch of side-jobs that can perfectly suit you instead of the whole social media manager plan. Just come to and we’ll easily help you find the freelancer job for you

Facebook Ad Manager

One good example of a side-job that comes along with social media management or can be offered aside is the Facebook Ad Management. This career is really popular since Facebook is the most popular social network and almost everyone has one and more or less knows how to work with it. But when it comes to business things are different and managing every aspect of the campaign for getting the most of it, can be overwhelming, especially if they’re not really related or familiar with the most advanced features on Facebook.

But the reason this freelance service is so popular and will still be in 2018 is that you can start it with almost no investment, only a couple of bucks for a domain and some more for creating a website (if you can’t create your own) and voilà! Facebook is free and the fees for the campaign run for the company so… Of course, at first you’ll probably work with very small businesses but, with time, and if you’re good at it, clients will be bigger as this is a career when succeeding gets noticed very quickly.

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Accounting is one of the most repellent parts of the process of starting or running a business in general. This is because most people don’t get along with numbers and seeing these digits all they long simply causes them headaches. Nevertheless, accountancy is necessary for any company. It’s a MUST actually and no company can survive without it, actually when not taken seriously, people end up in jail, this is no secret.

That and the fact that you can actually do it everywhere and there’re lots of practical tools nowadays, make Bookkeeper a very popular freelancing career among math lovers and of course, accountants.  The best part is that you can diversify the services and create a plan that includes different services for different prices. Among the possibilities there are:

  • Accounts receivable and payables.
  • P&L statements
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Payment arrangements
  • Taxes and financial analysis, etc.

Content Writer

Junk advertising is filling the internet faster than we can consume it; everywhere we look there’s a pop-up or ad invading your web space. But these ads are so annoying that we all ask ourselves, how do they work? Well, the truth is that they actually don’t work, or at least work less every day.

This is because Google and the search engines alike are working in a way that they can guarantee that the results are actually really useful for the user. This means that all that junk will sooner or later disappear from the main Google result pages. But, on the other hand, this also means that there’s a big competition in content for being useful to the audience.

This is where content writers enter the game and the very reason why this career is so popular. Everywhere you see on the web, there’s content that must be though and written for someone, for a special purpose, and with a specifical object. Imagine how many vacancies there are for work, and sometimes, they don’t even have to be THAT good, especially when it comes to new small business that doesn’t have so much to share yet or etc.

So, if you’re really good at writing you can probably find a place in this niche as a freelancer and you’ll discover why it’s so popular. Actually, some options of services you can offer are:

  • Blog posts
  • How-to articles
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Metadata for content
  • Ghostwriting, etc.

Well, that’s it, those are the 7 most popular services offered by freelancers. You still are not sure? Well you should take a look at the options we have at and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect freelancer job for you!