February 5, 2018
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3 Digital Marketing Strategies To Earn Money

3 Digital Marketing Strategies To Earn Money

Digital marketing is the trendiest when talking about advertising. This is because the internet is taking more and more control over the future and consumers are more likely to purchase things they see on the web. Besides, people spend a great deal of their time in front of a screen being it on social networks, search engines and webs in general so, if a company appears on the web, it’s more likely it will succeed.

That’s why there’re so many ways of advertising in the digital market and we would like to share 3 strategies for digital marketing that can work for different audiences and help to earn some incomes.

#1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing consists in promoting someone’s product in your own page or parting up with someone else to promote a product of yours. In this matter, the most common way to do it is by an affiliate network such as Amazon, that provides you a link for promoting the product and, therefore, you earn a commission for the sales your “promoting link” converts. In an ultimate instance, the revenue is shared among the creator of the product, the platform and you.

Parties on an Affiliate marketing program

  • The creator is the one who owns the product which is about to be sold. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big company or a personal product.
  • The affiliate: the party that is going to promote and sells the product. This party is responsible for promoting the product and convincing other people of actually purchasing it. They could be an individual or a company and the way they promote the product is their decision, whether is a blog or in social media, etc.
  • The buyer: this is the party that will consume the product.
  • The network: this depends on whether or not the affiliate decides to use a platform (most common) and the make the promotion process easier while giving authority to the banner or promoting the link.

Advantages of affiliate marketing:

  • No investment needed to start as most networks offer the affiliate program for free. The cost comes from the strategies you use to promote the product.
  • The product is already created you only need to sell it.
  • You’re working even when sleeping and from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • An excellent way for bloggers and people working on the internet to make an extra income.


Tips for becoming an affiliate

  • Find and review products in your niche: make sure you review and promote products you can relate with so you can add real value to the promoting post or review and people will actually buy not only the product but your strategy. But the idea is to seal the product not only by the affiliate link but directly to your clients, so it’s great to create an e-mail list.
  • Create an e-mail list: a great way to make people agree on giving you their e-mail is by offering something in exchange just like a personal video or a review collection. Then you can update them once a week with quality content referring your specific niche.
  • Create live webinars making demonstrations on how to use the product and put the promoting link on it.
  • Apply PPC: once you’ve already made profits, you can explore paid advertising such as Facebook Ads marketing or Google ads. This way you’ll be able to exponentially increase your incomes, but you really need to make sure that you are profitable enough to sustain the campaigns.

#2 Facebook Marketing

Facebook is still the most used social network in the world and also, implements a lot of excellent tools for advertising. So whether you want to promote your own brand or a product from an affiliate program, this social network can definitely make a difference in your sells.

Ways of advertising with Facebook marketing tools


The first option which is the basic option and is ideal for anyone with a brand or personal company and wants to have a presence in the social media world is the Fan Pages. These are pretty much like a business profile for a brand, band, group, project, product, etc.

The principal advantage of pages is that anyone can like them without needing to request friendship. Also, by liking the page, users agree to receive periodical updates about the brand or company. Of course, they can select to like you and don’t receive updates (unfollow) but regular people like full pages.

As they have no fans limit, if you do your work right, you can achieve thousands of contacts through the page, and as they’re free, this will traduce in profitable incomes. Of course, achieving this is complicated and you need a solid content strategy to create a community from scratch.

Facebook ads

This is the best choice for those ones trying to make incomes out of an affiliate plan and also for building a strong community in a new Fan Page. This is the paid tool for advertising on Facebook that allows you segmenting the audience and squeezing the maximum profit out of your investment.

With Facebook ads, you can segment on sex, age, socioeconomic level, interests, “fan’s friends”, and even run A/B tests. Besides all this, you can determine the amount of money from your budget that will be directed to every announce, at which moment, for as many campaigns you want and also stop the advertising at any moment if it doesn’t work. This is definitely the best way of promoting if you’re on an affiliate program as you will send the publicity only to people that are interested in the kind of product you’re selling.

Steps for advertising with Facebook marketing

  • Choose what you want to promote: you can choose whether you want to promote your Fan Page, your posts, an app, drive traffic to your website, improve the attendance on your event, etc. Facebook gives you a specific strategy for every option.
  • Choose the type of ad you want to create.
  • Create your ad: 25 characters for the title; then a description with no more than 90 characters and an image with a creativity text that only takes the 20% of the image. The amount of the ads you create is on your own.
  • Segment your public.
  • Next step is initiating the campaign by selecting the budget and its distribution, as well as posting schedule.

#3 Google AdWords

Third but not last, Google AdWords is our last strategy which is the most effective when running an AdWords campaign since it’s the Google platform so, of course, it would favor the users. Nevertheless, as the other two strategies, it requires a lot of planning to be successful, but it will even improve your affiliate sales and Facebook Fan Pages.

Google AdWords Campaign

Advantages of Google AdWords campaigns:

  • Increased leads and clients: as part of Google platform, these AdWords are perfectly integrated to tools like Google Analytics which can bring the best profit out of your campaigns when properly used by showing your ad to exactly the public that is interested in it.
  • AdWords are quicker than SEO: while SEO is essential for a good positioning, while the SEO campaign works, you need to boost your presence and AdWords is the perfect tool for it as you can attack more than one keyword at a time and turn it off and on at your wish.
  • Gmail ads are integrated with AdWords so you can reach your audience through their personal e-mails too.
  • You can measure every single detail of your campaign; clicks on your ad; leads generated; traffic generated directly from your campaign; keyword effectiveness and cost for a lead.

Tips for creating an effective AdWords campaign

  • Set a goal and don’t deviate from it: having a clear goal is essential whether it is filling a form or subscribing or making a phone call, the defined goal is the most important part of the campaign as all the efforts will go to that goal
  • The ads are for your target and therefore, you need to take their needs and style into consideration when writing the ad, independently of your likes or dislikes, if something works for the audience, USE IT!
  • Create a landing page according to the goal fixed and make it lead your audience to it; make sure you don’t include elements that distract your audience from the objective.
  • Implement negative keywords: get some keywords related to other terms that are not exactly identified with the product advertised but with related searches; this way you can widen the range of reach of your ad.
  • Implement all kinds of keywords in your add (perfect match, sentence match, and broad match).
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile: as mobile market increases every day and more and more users access the internet only by their smart devices, forgetting about the mobile responsive ads is resigning to a lot of possible customers.
  • Set a conversion tracking so you can find out which are the tools and actions of your strategy that are actually effective and which ones are not.
  • Affine your campaign: one of the best features of Google AdWords Campaigns is that you can turn it on and off as you wish and also can implement modifications in between so you can attack the most effective points of your ads and dismiss the ones that are not being so useful.
  • Remarket your campaign for reaching the maximum profit out of your successful actions and converted audience.